Issues | Wyoming State Budget

We all agree that the budget is the top concern facing the State of Wyoming. Budget concerns cut across every segment of the Wyoming economy. Sandy is uniquely prepared to help the state navigate these challenging budgetary times. As a businesses owner in Cody for over 25 years, Sandy's primary responsibility is to assure the financial success of her businesses. She has achieve this by developing long and short term financial & marketing plans, as well as overseeing everyday operations.  

That preparation is combined with Sandy's six years on the Wyoming Office of Tourism Board managing a $25 million budget. When directed by the governor to make budget cuts, as chairman, Sandy guided the board through a thoughtful and strategic process to make cuts that would have the least impact the tourism industry which is so important to Park County.  Sandy is ready to use that knowledge and experience to represent Park County in the state legislature!

Before determining cuts in state programs/services, legislators should consult their constituents and determine priorities on the basis of what is wanted but also on what is the best investment in the people and economy of the state. There should also be agreed- upon, written guidelines about when, why and how funds can be budgeted from the rainy day account.

Sandy supports budget cuts, but rather than across-the- board cuts she recommends strategic reductions – directing agencies to optimize efficiencies  in their programs and projects.