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Issues | Our Colleges

Our community colleges are an integral piece of Wyoming’s higher education system. They provide opportunities for traditional and nontraditional students. Their locations in communities across the state provide affordable, accessible higher education as well as securing economic benefit to the areas that are home to our community colleges.

Community colleges offer both academic and vocational programs to assure students have the counseling and resources needed to complete meaningful degrees or certifications on time, minimizing expense and maximizing work readiness. 

The University of Wyoming (UW) is constantly evolving, ever improving and consistently thriving. UW has a substantial and complex budget. The University must have the ability to monitor, track and account for its funding. Building a fiscal management system capable of producing reliable information and data is necessary for sound management and accountability.

Sandy supports our community colleges and UW’s need for steady, reliable funding that allows them to plan in two-year increments.


In 2005, the Hathaway Scholarship was established to help Wyoming’s students prepare for and pursue their post-secondary education in the state. We must continue to invest in student aid through the Hathaway Scholarship program, but I believe it is time to re-evaluate the program so that it is effective and efficient. Although the scholarship fund is permanently endowed, we still need to be pursuing continuous improvement in all programs.

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