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Issues | Voter ID

Sandy Supports Voter ID

Sandy supports voter ID. She voted for HB 0075 - Voter identification, which will increase the security of our elections and ensure registered voters get to exercise their Constitutional rights to the fullest. Under HB 0075, acceptable forms of voter ID, as of July 1, 2021, are: 


  • WY Driver's License or ID Card

  • Tribal ID Card

  • Valid US Passport

  • US Military Card

  • DL or ID Card from Another State

  • University of Wyoming Student ID

  • Wyoming Community College Student ID

  • Wyoming Public School Student ID

  • Valid Medicare Insurance Card

  • Valid Medicaid Insurance Card


If you do not have one of the documents in the list above, you may obtain a free Wyoming Identification Card from your local Driver Services office. Click here to find your nearest office.


Voters who mail in their absentee ballot are not required to provide any additional form of identification.

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