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Investment in education – K-12 schools, the University of Wyoming and Community Colleges – signals to the nation and the world the value of a quality education and how important it is to Wyoming

K-12 education is the backbone of our education system. We have an obligation to give our children the best educational start in the country to ensure that all students leave school career or college ready. 

School enrollment of just over 93,000 students reflects the steady student population increase of the past several years. Parents are confident that we understand the need to invest in students, teachers and communities. Wyoming’s spending on students, teachers and school facilities is among the highest of all states and draws national acclaim.

The current school finance block grant model should be continued as it has proven to be successful. This model provides the resources to ensure every child can achieve his or her potential.

Sandy is endorsed by the Wyoming Education Association. She supports and is committed to creating long-term school funding and savings strategies in order to sustain our high standards.

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