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Preference Point Information Meeting

I am hosting a meeting about proposed changes in the Preference Point System. It will be held Thursday Dec 8 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the new Wyoming Game and Fish Building at 2 Tilden Trail in Cody. A tour of the new building will start at 5:30. The presentation will begin at 6pm.

The Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce’s charge is to study top-priority wildlife policy issues facing the state related to the allocation of hunting opportunity, sportsperson access and other issues, and to make recommendations to the proper decision making body regarding solutions to these issues.

Following multiple discussions over several meetings, the Taskforce voted to recommend a substantial change to the manner in which bighorn sheep and moose licenses are issued for both residents and nonresidents specific to the use of preference points. There are three primary components of the changes recommended:

1) Transition from a prescriptive draw where 75% of licenses are drawn from the top point holders to a system that is completely random.

2) Transition to a weighted bonus point system where an applicant’s advantage in the

draw increases exponentially with each subsequent year they continue to apply. The Taskforce recommends this be implemented by squaring an applicant’s total number of bonus points.

3) Delay implementation by up to four years from the date the law is effective to provide long term applicants with the highest numbers of preference points a transition period.

(Source: Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce letter to the Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee May 2, 2022.) Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce website

There is proposed legislation to change the Preference Points system. This is the draft legislation. It is not the final legislation.

Game and Fish did an extensive survey of hunters. This informal survey was to gauge opinion and educate the public; this was not conducted scientifically and the analysis is to provide an overview of thoughts from the public only.

Further, this was not an official public comment process, and the public was made aware

this was an input survey only.

2022 Preference Piont WGFDPresentation
Download PDF • 6.72MB

Please join members of the Wildlife Taskforce for a presentation on Dec 8 at 5:30 at the new Cody Game and Fish Building at 2 Tilden Trail.

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