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Issues | Tourism

Tourism is Wyoming’s second largest industry. The benefits of a thriving tourism economy are seen in Park County and across the state. Tourism adds value in times of economic prosperity and is a stabilizing force during periods of revenue decline.

I have recently earned the endorsement of the Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association. In his letter, WLRA Executive Director Chris Brown stated  "Her extensive career as a small business owner combined with the leadership she has demonstrated as the Chairman and long time member of the Wyoming Tourism Board has provided her with an exceptional level of experience.” 


My service to the tourism industry on the Park County Travel Council and Wyoming Tourism Board has given me insight on the legislative budget process. We had to make significant cuts to our Wyoming Tourism budget recently.  I guided the board through a thoughtful and strategic process to make cuts that would have the least impact the tourism industry which is so important to Park County.   

Tourism provides economic diversity and much needed revenue. It offers a broad spectrum of job opportunities. Importantly, there is always a return on dollars invested. Sometimes the return is dramatic and sometimes more modest, but there is always a positive return.


I will continue my support of Wyoming’s tourism industry.

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