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Election Information

Here is information from our Elections Division from the Secretary of State:

Wyoming voters’ trust in our election process is of the utmost importance to both our Office and the Wyoming County Clerks. The narratives that suggest widespread election oversight from election administrators and interference that impacted the results of our 2020 Primary & General Election from external and internal players do not belong in Wyoming. There are numerous measures taken prior to each election year that ensure the integrity and security of Wyoming elections. The checks and balances that occurred to mitigate potential risks for the 2020 elections were as follows:

  • Deployed new voting equipment across the State that passed rigorous testing to achieve federal certification.

  • County clerks and their staff received extensive training on the new voting equipment & software.

  • Our statewide vendor, Election Systems and Software (ES&S) Inc. was the first voting system vendor to employ a full-time CISO (Chief information security officer).

  • ES&S was the first vendor to join the EI-ISAC which is a cybersecurity threat information sharing community for the election’s critical infrastructure segment under the umbrella of DHS.

  • Our voting equipment is air-gapped which means it is NEVER connected to the internet.

  • The computer that collates all of the official election results is done on a hardened system and is also not connected to the internet.

  • Every county clerk conducts a public test of the voting equipment being used in the upcoming election to ensure that every tabulator is performing with a 100% tabulation/adjudication accuracy rate.

  • County clerks conduct extensive training of their poll workers.

  • Bipartisan team of poll workers handle ballots.

  • Detailed log of all seals and locks on voting equipment.

  • Every county has undergone a physical security audit (everything from storage, access control, surveillance and policies and procedures) and of all other election related assets.

  • Restricted access to voting equipment prior to and following Election Day.

  • Ballot reconciliation throughout the day at the polls and upon closing of polls (every voter that showed up in person or voted via absentee is represented by 1 ballot cast). Every voter has a paper ballot cast.

  • Counties conduct a post election audit of voting machine tabulators within 30 days of the election.

  • Validation of voter registration records occur against various agencies' data to include WYDOT, DOH, DCI, DOC and SSA.

    • These checks happen at the time of registration and regularly against the voter registration database to identify any felons or deceased records on a continuous basis.

    • Citizenship validation also occurs at the time of registration.

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